Discover Your Strengths


Meet Nolitha, a Spirit Foundation Alumnus who matriculated from Immaculata Girls’ High in 2014. Nolitha reflects on her time at high school and shares some words of wisdom and encouragement with high school scholars.

Cherish the time you still have in high school. There are times when I’m at university and I think back on past times and the days that I really had fun in high school. Things change when you are in university. You end up having to take on a lot of responsibilities. I’m not saying you don’t have fun in university, but what I am saying is: have fun in high school – just be a teenager because when you leave, that is when you enter the real world and you don’t have teachers to look after you. You look after yourself. Also, work hard. Whatever marks you produce impact your future  – particularly if you want to be accepted into the university of your choice. If you need help with a certain subject, ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you are struggling – it helps you combat whatever weakness you have regarding that subject that you feel is a killer. Lastly, please ensure that when you are about to be in Grade 10, choose the subjects that you are good at. Don’t choose a subject just because it sounds nice or you “think” it will be nice. Look at what your strengths are, your talents and abilities and choose your subjects with accordance to that. Some parents will force you to take subjects you might not like – at least get the chance to speak to them and tell them how you feel: give them a chance to speak and listen to why they want you to do the subject you may not want or like. Hopefully by the end of the conversation both parties would’ve reached a final and mutual agreement. Best of luck and many blessings for the remaining years you have in high school!”

Nolitha is currently studying a BA (English Literature, Media & Writing and Film & Television Studies) at UCT.