Seize Opportunities


Meet Delphine: A Spirit Foundation Alumnus who matriculated from Bergvliet High School in 2014. Delphine is currently studying her B Com Accounting at the University of the Western Cape and remains connected to the Spirit Foundation through her active involvement in the Spirit Foundation Alumni Society.

Delphine lives by the motto that you are never too old to learn and never too young to make a change. “I am always on the move to create opportunities that lead to positive change within my surrounds, but most importantly I believe in equipping young people to be change-makers in their respective communities… I am always searching for ways to improve myself and the people around me and I’m not afraid to take on new ventures that could benefit my community and uplift the lives of others.”

Delphine had the following message of encouragement to the current Spirit Foundation scholars: “You are part of a brand that you will be forever proud of – and it is up to you to utilise this lifetime opportunity to contribute positively as young South African citizens. There is a reason that you were chosen to be part of this foundation, and there are endless opportunities that come with being one of the Spirit Foundation scholars – but it is up to you to invest in making extra effort to achieve your best. Never settle for anything less that your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”  She also encourages young people to get involved in extra curricular activities that are offered at school and in the community as these activities allow you to grow as an individual and assist with acquiring skills needed in the future.

To her fellow Spirit Foundation Alumni, she says, “Strive for nothing but success and remember that you’re not alone on your journey. You are now role models for current Spirit Foundation scholars – and for the future Spirit Foundation. Allow your life to be a model that can be applied to shape and educate future Spirit Foundation scholars – and South Africa as a whole.”

“Before I became a Spirit Foundation scholar I was extremely shy and had poor communication skills – this prevented me from discovering my inner abilities. I can proudly say that due to the Spirit Foundation I had the opportunity to develop excellent communication skills, and was able to discover my leadership qualities and academic abilities. Thank you Spirit Foundation for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, for opening this great journey with endless possibilities, that has moulded me into becoming the young lady I am today. ”

We are proud of Delphine and wish her every success in her studies in 2016.