Let’s Make it the Best


Meet Aphiwe.. a Grade 12 Spirit Foundation Scholar at Rondebosch Boys’ High School. Aphiwe checks in on how he is finding matric so far and gives some encouragement to his fellow matric scholars.

My matric year has started on good note. All of my marks have improved, I feel comfortable and I haven’t really felt the pressure of matric yet. What I’m enjoying most about matric so far is the feeling that I am almost done with school! I have been comfortable at school therefore there haven’t been too many challenges, besides the amount of deadlines I have to meet for school and extra mural priorities. But at this stage nothing has been too much of a challenge, or I should rather say, whatever has come my way so far I have overcome.

My matric subjects are English, isiXhosa, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Economics, Art and Life Orientation. My favourite subjects are Life Sciences and Art. At the end of Grade 9 I never thought I’d want to do Science as a subject but I am glad I ended up choosing it for the rest of my high school career. Art is a fun subject where I can really do whatever I want, in other words I would say it is a subject where I can deliver my creativeness. My most challenging subject has been Mathematics, although I must say that attending extra maths twice a week is making it feel less challenging.

A message to my fellow matrics: This is the year we all wanted to be in, even before we thought about what high school we wanted to go to. It is our time and this time comes around really only once. This is the year that can make us or break us, but since we’re still at the start of the end of this journey, we still have a choice as to what path we will take. This is the year that we need to make ourselves proud, the year we want to remember as our best year in high school, since we still have the chance on making it the best. We are all privileged to be Spirit Foundation Scholars, getting the opportunities and support that we receive. It is now time not only just to get – but to actually receive what we have been given.  We are all different in many ways, but if we all switch ourselves on psychologically and start believing, then we will make it. Good luck to all the matrics for the rest of the year. All good things shall come through hard work.

The Spirit Foundation has made a huge impact in my life already so far. I’m not wealthy physically yet, but the opportunity I’ve received has made me rich mentally and I thank each and every one from the Spirit Foundation – the founders, my donors and everyone who has been involved, including the Spirit Scholars from the past years up until now. After matric my long-term goal is that I want to become one of the donors for the foundation and support other kids the way I have been… and continue to “Build Our Nation Through Education”.

We know that the future is bright for this focused and determined young man and are proud to be a part of his journey,