Checking in with Chelsea


Meet Chelsea, a Spirit Foundation Alumnus who matriculated from Wynberg Girls’ High School in 2015. Chelsea achieved exceptional matric results, with distinctions in three of her subjects in her final examinations. Chelsea is now studying at the University of Cape Town, and we checked in with her to see how her first year is going so far..

What are you currently studying?

I’m studying a Bachelor of Social Work at UCT, majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Community Development. I have received a partial bursary from ASSET ( towards my tuition for this year.

What do you enjoy about your course and what are some of the challenges?

I like the flexibility of my course as my schedule allows me to work part time. The transition from high school to university comes with challenges in itself, the trick for me is to know that I’m fully capable of accomplishing whatever I set my mind to and that nothing worth having ever comes easy.

How has the transition been from high school to varsity?

It was particularly challenging for me initially as I was accepted at the very last minute and therefore had to adjust my plans accordingly. I also missed the few days of Orientation because of it, so I came to varsity on the first day completely lost and bewildered.

I’ve made some good friends that are in the same course as I am, which provides me with the support that I need, as well as UCT’s support structures put in place to make the transition to university as comfortable as possible.

What were some of the challenges you faced while at school and how did you overcome them?

The pressure became a very real thing towards the end of Grade 11 and matric to do well academically yet still commit 100% to leadership roles. I found it difficult to find a balance at first, however, with the support provided by the school as well as by my peers, it became a lot more manageable.

What were some of the highlights of your matric year?

Matric Dance, The Sleepover as well as 40 Days was the highlights for me as it brought our grade together and allowed as to put our academics aside for a bit and let our hair down.

Do you have a message of encouragement to the current Spirit Foundation scholars – in particular the matrics?

Matric is tough but you’ve gotten so far, no use in giving up now, why not go out with a bang!

How do you see yourself involved with the Spirit Foundation in the future?

I would like to give back what the Spirit Foundation has given me and that is to be able to empower at least one student to achieve greatness, regardless of their circumstances.

We wish Chelsea all the best for her studies and know that she will continue to be a light and inspiration to those around her.