The Power of Mentorship


Meet Nzele, a Spirit Foundation Alumus who matriculated from Immaculata High School in 2014. Nzele is currently in her second year of studies at CPUT, studying Human Resources Management. She also works part-time and still finds the time in her busy schedule to mentor some of our Spirit Foundation Scholars. Nzele shares why she believes in the power of mentorship and positive role modeling and how she is making a difference in the lives of those around her.

“Mentorship is important in so many ways. It is a win-win sitation. Mentors provide knowledge, motivation, advice and encouragement when the mentee needs it the most.  Mentors help with many issues including personal development. Mentorship helps with building self-confidence, as there is someone to support you, helping you to learn how to overcome weaknesses and whatever challenges you are facing.

I want to be someone that Spirit Foundation Scholars can come to and talk to about life’s challenges, including issues such as bullying, stressful changes at home or the transition from primary school, high school and university. I want scholars to know that they are not alone. I want to share my experience with scholars who are facing what I faced when I was in that particular situation. I want to provide support, guidance and encouragement to scholar in the best way possible.”

Nzele joined us as a Camp Leader on the recent Spirit Foundation camp. We are so grateful for young leaders like Nzele – leading by example and being an inspiration and encouragement to our Spirit Foundation Scholars and other young people around her.