Being who I’m destined to be

My name is Sisanda Magadlela. I completed high school at Sans Souci Girls’ High School in the year 2014. I later studied and completed a BSc in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of the Western Cape.

I am a very confident young woman with a powerful voice and a great leader. My goals in life are to use the talents I have to change the world and to inspire young people like myself to adapt to a positive and meaningful life to better our country.

I got to where I am today by getting to know who I am and how I can best apply myself in the world so I can be successful living in it.

Each day, I uncover a level of my being that I never thought existed. It’s beautiful to watch myself uncover qualities of who I am so I can be who I am destined to be. I am inspired by myself because I am the only person that knows me better than anyone else. I know what weaknesses I need to work on and what strengths I need to improve for my own success. I also inspire myself because I am my own biggest critic. I see myself as a work in progress so, whatever I do, I analyse critically so that I can be successful. 

My role model has to be my number one supporter, my mother. I am strong because of her. She wakes up from a tough situation like it never existed. She lets nothing defeat the purpose she is destined for.

I dream of happiness, peace and satisfaction. Happiness makes everything beautiful. Happiness births positivity which I can develop positive affirmations from which I can make principles of my life. I am not only at peace with what is always unfolding in me, but I want to be satisfied with it so I make sure I apply the effort necessary to achieve these dreams.

 I am proud of the woman I have become under the circumstances I have been subjected to. I am proud of the growth I have made physically, emotionally, mentally and also academically. I am also proud of myself. It is very easy to want to aspire to be someone else, but I want to be myself. I am proud of the mistakes I have made because I would not have a testimony if growth without them. I am proud of the adversaries I have overcome because those challenges activated a strength in me that I did not know I had.