Spirit Education Foundation Code of Conduct

As a Spirit Education Foundation Scholar I pledge that I will commit myself to the Code of Conduct which is as follows:

  • I will attend school regularly and not be absent without a valid reason
  • I will be on time for school
  • I will commit myself to a culture of hard work in all my subjects, studies, homework, extra lessons and school projects and will aim for at least 60% in all subjects
  • I will make sure that I hand in all projects and assignments on time
  • I will do my utmost to achieve to the best of my ability in all areas academically, in all school activities and on the sports field
  • I will commit myself to a culture of good behaviour, honesty and integrity with respect to the ethos of the school
  • I will attend all Spirit Education Foundation camps, meetings and functions and will inform scholar facilitators beforehand if I have good reason and am unable to attend the event
  • I will return all forms, letters and information to the scholar facilitators when they are requested
  • I will inform the scholar facilitators if my address or contact phone numbers change at all
  • I will not get involved with theft, drugs or criminal behaviour of any sort
  • I will not engage in any negative, sexually explicit, bullying or anti-social behaviour on social media
  • I will be committed to excellence at all times
  • I pledge to support the Spirit Education Foundation in some way one day in honour of the opportunity I have been given by the Spirit Education Foundation

I understand that I may lose my scholarship if:

  • There is irregular school attendance
  • I change schools without notifying the trustees
  • I am involved in any form of criminal activity or substance abuse (drugs, alcohol etc.)
  • I engage in any negative, sexually explicit or anti-social behaviour on social media
  • I am suspended or expelled from school for any reason
  • I do not commit myself to achievement and good results through hard work
  • I do not attend extra classes, events and camps which are paid for by the Spirit Education Foundation and to which I have committed myself
  • I do not communicate regularly with the scholar facilitators
  • I do not keep scholar facilitators informed of my change of address or telephone numbers
  • My parents’ financial situation changes and they are able to afford my school fees