In the years since its inception, more than 400 scholars have been educated, providing the equivalent of over 2000 years of quality education.

The Spirit Education Foundation was established in April 1994, by businessman Ian Kilbride and educator Tessa De Beer Smit. With the rapid and exciting political changes that were taking place in South Africa in the early 1990’s, the desire to start an education foundation that would give young South Africans from financially disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to receive quality education, resulted in the birth of the Spirit Education Foundation.

The Spirit Education Foundation started out in 1994 as the Appleton Foundation, changed its name in 2000 to the KiDS Foundation (Kilbride, De Beer Smit Foundation) and in 2014, in celebration of 20 years and in honour of our renewed vision and mission to set young people free with good quality high school education, we rebranded as the Spirit Education Foundation.