What We Do

The Spirit Education Foundation provides opportunities for good quality education to economically disadvantaged high school scholars who have the potential and will to succeed, mentoring them in partnership with their families, providing support and resources where the need arises.

We help and motivate our scholars to achieve to the best of their ability academically and in all other aspects of their high school education, encouraging the creativity, leadership and good self-esteem necessary to help build a prosperous and healthy nation.

How We Do It

The Spirit Education Foundation provides financial support for the high school tuition, extra-curricular support and mentorship to all scholars enrolled in our programme. We create partnerships between the scholars, their families and the schools to ensure that they maximize their high school education, with every chance at success in their tertiary education and as they move to independence and adult life.

Spirit Education Foundation schools of excellence are carefully selected to ensure that our scholars receive top quality education.

Means tests ensure that scholars with genuine financial need are selected.

After school fees, the first priority of the Spirit Foundation is to help provide extra lessons and academic support in any subject, with particular focus on Maths and Science.

Mentorship is ongoing via school visits, home visits, camps, workshops and outings. Support and effective intervention is provided where appropriate.

“A nation’s future is only as promising as its next generation of citizens. 
Children are the rock on which our future will be built –
the leaders of our country for good or ill;
which is why the rich potential in each child must be developed
into the skills and the knowledge that our society needs to enable it to prosper.”
Nelson Mandela