Partner High Schools

The Spirit Education Foundation partners with schools of excellence to ensure that our scholars receive top quality education. Selection of schools is based on the academic, sporting, cultural, community service, leadership and disciplinary ethos of the school, as well as available donor funding at a partner school for the duration of a high school scholarship.

The Spirit Education Foundation currently partners with the following schools of excellence:

Applicants need to apply and be accepted at one of the Spirit Education Foundation partner high schools. The Spirit Education Foundation does not administrate applications to the school/s on behalf of applicants.

New scholarships are not available at all of our partner schools each year. Selection of schools per year for intake of new scholars is influenced by the current available donor support, to ensure that each new scholar’s high school education will be covered for the full five years. We are very grateful to receive discounted rates for school fees from many of our partner schools.

For enquiries regarding Spirit Education Foundation scholarship applications at one of our partner high schools please contact