Spirit Education Foundation Scholarship Applications are open between 1 September and 31 October each year for Grade 6 learners who wish to apply for a high school scholarship (Grade 8 – Grade 12) at one of the Spirit Education Foundation’s partner high schools (click to view) in the Western Cape. Applicants who meet the initial application criteria (click to view) will be invited to the first round of testing in Maths, English, logic and grittiness, which takes place at the end of November each year.  The results of those tests determines progression to the following rounds of testing, interviews and final selection.

Scholarships are awarded awarded according to various criteria, namely:

  • Financial need – the Spirit Education Foundation considers applications from families with a combined monthly income of less than R20 000 per month
  • The results of preliminary tests and interviews – testing in Maths, literacy, logic and grittiness
  • Motivation for a Spirit Education Foundation scholarship – from the applicant’s school, their parents and the scholar themselves
  • General behaviour at school and elsewhere as well as reports from teachers
  • Achievements, academic results and commitment to hard work
  • Individual talents and future goals
  • Commitment on the part of parents or guardians to the education and care of the scholars
  • Acceptance at one of the Spirit Education Foundation partner high schools (click to see list of schools) and available donor funding at that particular school for a five year period. Spirit Education Foundation Scholarship applications to schools not included in the above-mentioned list of partner schools will not be considered.
  • Spirit Education Foundation Scholars must maintain an aggregate of at least 60% and must uphold the Spirit Education Foundation Code of Conduct at all times throughout high school. Failure to uphold this Code of Conduct may result in the loss of scholarship

Please note that the Spirit Education Foundation does not administrate applications to high schools on behalf of scholarship candidates. Applications to preferred high schools must be conducted by the applicants and their parents / guardians before the specified application deadline determined by the Department of Education (usually towards the end of March of the year before year of admission.)


Scholarship applications for Grade 8 in 2020 will open on 1 September 2018 until 31 October 2018.

For all scholarship application inquiries please email

Alumni Society

A scholar’s journey with the Spirit Educattion Foundation doesn’t simply end once their high school career and scholarship is over. All graduating matric scholars are enrolled in the Spirit Foundation Alumni Society and longitudinal tracking is ongoing via social media, meetings and functions. The Alumni Society exists as a channel to create networking opportunities and encouragement amongst the alumni, as well as opportunities for the alumni to provide mentorship and passing on of skills, knowledge and encouragement to our Spirit Education Foundation scholars. While a Spirit Education Foundation scholarship is not one that needs to be paid back, past scholars are encouraged to support the Spirit Education Foundation in some way in the future, in honour of the opportunity of the good education that they have received. The Alumni Society recognises that every past Spirit Foundation Scholar has something of value to give – whether it be their time, ideas, network connections or financial support. With over 400 scholars enrolled since inception in 1994, the Spirit Foundation Alumni Society is a powerful base of Spirit Education Foundation champions, and is something for our scholars to aspire to after completing their schooling.

Past Spirit Education Foundation and KiDS Foundation Scholars wanting to join our Alumni Society can email us on