Spirit Foundation Camp 2016


It’s been a month since the annual Spirit Foundation camp, and the Spirit Foundation Scholar Facilitators have now sufficiently recovered from the action-packed three days of input and activity with no fewer than 86 of our Spirit Foundation scholars! Spirit Foundation Scholar Facilitator, Lynne Munnik, reflects on this year’s camp, followed by some highlights of one of our Matric scholars.

We were not daunted by the deluge that dropped from the sky as we arrived at Claremont to board the buses for our annual Spirit Foundation camp – we were going to have fun, “Come hell or high water!”


There was such a buzz of excitement and much hugging of friends from other schools, that we knew we were in for a fantastic 3 days at Rocklands Centre, in Simon’s Town. There was a balance of fun and learning through games, team activities and workshops- something for everyone to identify with and learn from.

We started with a workshop about our digital footprint run by GOLD Peer Education facilitators (www.goldpe.org.za) We now know that whatever you post on any social media is there forever and can be used by future employees or people wishing to label you in any way. We have to ponder before we post!


The Brainwaves team (www.brainwavecareers.co.za) helped the Grade 8 and 9 scholars to discover their future career paths. The Grade 10-12 group was inspired with African Wisdom – lessons on excellent living learnt from animals.


A new interactive Maths and Physics application for smart phones was presented by Rethink Education (www.rethinkeducation.co.za). We tried to get a scholar off his phone after the presentation we thought he was messing around on Facebook – but he said he was doing such fun Maths from the Rethink workshop!


The weather improved so much that we could even spend a morning at the beach where we built sand sculptures portraying values and ideals close to their heart. There were also some silly team games and quite a number of scholars swam in 13⁰C water!


On the last evening the groups presented short plays which they scripted and acted. The theme for the evening was: Decision making and choices. Each group chose a topic, including bullying, procrastination and honesty, which was acted out twice showing a positive outcome and then a negative outcome. Our chairman, Ian Kilbride and his wife Jooles joined us for the evening for dinner and the entertainment that followed.


For the first time we had a group of nine Spirit Foundation Alumni at camp with us who were like camp leaders as they assisted with activities, led the plays, slept in the dorms and were there to mentor the scholars. It was a huge success having them with us and we hope that their presence at camp will become a tradition.


The last morning was rather hectic with everyone attempting wall-climbing and participating in a loud and exuberant drumming workshop. All fears and frustrations were banished!


A totally uplifting, stimulating and exhausting camp was had by all. “Can we have a camp every term, please? “was a farewell message from a Grade 8 after his first Spirit Foundation camp!


Now for a few words from one of our Matric scholars, Tulisa:

Spirit Camp! What an amazing journey it’s been. People whom you’ve known for a day seemed like people you’ve known since childhood… The fun we had for three days is going to be an everlasting memory that will be indented in our hearts. We played and sang together, our laughter rang to the heavens, dancing and dabbing our worries away. Piano and guitar sessions at night… drama and acting for the prize. Rock climbing and drum beating were quick sessions and not to forget the birthday celebration. Late night jokes with Romero, laughter with Charlotte (Cool Cats), African Wisdom with Ty and a Social Media workshop with Faith. Creativity was expressed on the beach and our love for Africa was not forgotten throughout. This camp was fun – well all camps are to be honest! And each new Spirit I meet enriches my own spirit with love, joy, adventure… and a whole lot of fun!


For more pictures from camp, check out our Image Gallery at http://spiriteducationfoundation.org/activities