The Art of Perserverence


I matriculated in 2013 at Wynberg Boys’ High School. During my Matric year, I took pure Maths, English, Visual Arts, Engineering Graphics and Design, History and isiXhosa. I struggled with my academics, because I was slow. But I worked hard, put in a lot of effort and attended extra lessons. Even though I put in so much effort, I was not able to achieve high marks. But amazingly I didn’t give up.. and that still surprises me to this day!

My journey with the Spirit Foundation was amazing. The facilitators are down to earth, they understood us and appreciated our different qualities. They believed that we are special and treated us as if we can offer something great to the world. I am so grateful to have met and spent time with them. They never gave up on me because they saw my potential.

In 2014, I did a Graphic Design foundation course, then went on to Cape Town Creative Academy and am currently completing my second year. I chose to major in Communication Design (Graphic Design). Its a course that has to do with print and digital design, as well as packaging design, commercial design and illustration. My subjects are Illustration, Photography, Communication Design Studies, Contextual Studies and Business Studies. I enjoy illustration more because it gives you the chance to work with your hands, and every design is unique and creative and allows to express yourself.

I use oil pastels and brown cardboard paper in my artworks. I use that paper because it works well with the pastels. I also mix mediums sometimes including acrylic paint. In the holidays I often do art every day, but when it’s during the school period I’ll spend the whole day on a Saturday and if I have time then maybe an hour or two during the week. My artworks incorporate mostly of self-portraits of people. Inspired by my battle with depression, my aim is to achieve drama as in means of conveying emotions, strong feelings, creating moods and bringing one’s spirit to life. I’m also inspired by my gift and talent, and I am appreciative of it. After neglecting it for almost my entire life, it makes me happy, having a sense of offering something to the world.

My favorite piece is A Quiet Man. This piece conveys archives drama as in means of conveying emotions, strong feelings, creating moods and bringing one’s spirit to life. It also reveals a sense of calmness in the blue background.

A QUIET MAN                                     Oil Pastels on Cardboard Paper 2016

I’m still finding myself, personally and in my art. I still lack confidence and often doubt my own abilities. I’m hard on myself, maybe because I’m pushing myself. But I know that one day I will be better and beat that negative voice in my mind. I’m challenging myself by trying new things. I know that everything happens for a reason and will work to my advantage. I keep a positive attitude and let things just happen by themselves. I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself because that will destroy me. Everything happens for a reason and come at the right time, even if we don’t realize it.

Something important that I’ve learnt in life so far is that feeling sorry for yourself and being negative will slow you down. I’ve learnt that we all have different qualities in our lives and should not try to become like others, rather let’s be ourselves.

Something else I’ve learnt is that even though everything might not go as planned, it could be even better than you planned. Everything good and bad will work to your advantage, just keep a positive attitude because negative thoughts might become a reality, be careful of that. The mind is very powerful. All you need to do is stay positive and adapt to every situation because every challenge that comes our way is to make us stronger. None of us was born to fail, we all have a purpose far greater than we can imagine, our problem is that we just don’t believe.


BURNING                       (INNER SOUL COLLECTION)                    Oil Pastels on Cardboard Paper                                    2016


SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON ME 49 x 33.5cm                              Oil Pastels on Cardboard Paper 2016


UNTITLED                                       Oil Pastels on Cardboard Paper 2016